Free West Papua : Support XX Papua PON 2020, Papua Province will build a flats

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Reported from, The Papua Provincial Government immediately builds Type 45 Flats in Mareuke, Papua to support the implementation of the XX Papua PON 2020.
This was revealed by the Head of the Merauke XXII National Road Center, Edu Sasarari, who revealed that the land to be built by the flat was on the road. The Water Pump in Muli Village had an area of 22x70 meters. However, in that location there were official housing that was still occupied by XXII National Road Hall employees, retirees and from outside the XXII National Road Hall.
"Before the demolition of the buildings inside this location, we will provide information to them first. I think they will be willing to leave the houses," Edu Sasarari was quoted as saying by InfoPublik.
According to the plan, the construction of this flat is expected to begin after Eid. Currently the auction process is still underway for its construction.
To be known together in order to support XX Papua PON 2020, in Merauke three towers were built in different locations. First on land belonging to XXII National Road Hall, then at Musamus University, Merauke and a boarding school complex.

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