Free West Papua : Lukas Wonda: We Know Papua Part of Indonesia Now

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Dilansir dari Tribunnews, Puncak Jaya Pamrahwan Task Force personnel, Raider Mechanical Battalion 412 / Kostrad, provided briefings on nationalism at the Pos Sanoba emergency school in Jayapura.
Dansatgas Yon 412 / Kostrad Yonif, Lt. Col. Inf Eko Bintara Saktiawan explained, concern for the future of Sonoba children, members of the MR 412 Yonif Task Force opened emergency schools at their Task Force Post
"To develop a sense of love for the land, in teaching and learning activities in the Pakum Satgas emergency school (Letda Chk Danang Setiyadi, S.H.) taught them about the cultural values of the Indonesian people. Besides that, to foster pride in the Indonesian homeland, "he added.
Eko explained, in the activity, they were given knowledge about the values of national culture that could be used as an alternative to develop a sense of pride that would underlie the emergence of a sense of love for the homeland.
"Knowledge of cultural values can be used as an alternative to develop their sense of pride. They will change the Puncak Jaya Regency later, "said Eko.
He believes this activity is important for the young generation of the nation in modern times, namely to give them values of tolerance and love for the country. Eko hopes that with them having an attitude of love for the homeland, surely it will always maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia wherever they are. "Love the Motherland means guarding the NKRI," he said.
One of the students named Lukas Wonda expressed his joy when getting a briefing from the Task Force Task Force.
"Om Pakum is very pleasant, he told us about Indonesia so we all now know that Papua is part of Indonesia. I also now know that many brothers are outside Papua, "Lukas said.
Lukas also wants to see the National Monument (Monas) firsthand and go to the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII) in Jakarta. "I want to see Monas and Taman Mini, in Jakarta," he hoped.

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