Free West Papua : Central Government Sets Papua and West Papua to Become Development Focus 2020-2024

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Reported from MerahPutih, The Papua region is considered by some as a sleeping giant. The natural potential is abundant and rich in cultural arts but not all of them have been utilized to the maximum extent for the prosperity of the Cenderawasih earth community.
In the era of President Jokowi, slowly but surely physical development began to stretch. A number of facilities and infrastructure were built massively. In fact, the central government in the national mid-term development plan (RPJMN) stipulates Papua and West Papua provinces to be the focus of development for 2020-2024.
Director of Regional and Regional Development of the Ministry of National Development Planning / National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Sumedi Andono Mulyo said, President Joko Widodo had serious attention for Papua and West Papua.
"The central government is committed to building Papua in various fields. The President has repeatedly come to Papua and West Papua, he did to see first hand the development of both infrastructure and human resources development in Papua," Sumedi said in Manokwari, Tuesday (28/5) at the Musrenbang Otsus carried out by the West Papua Provincial Government.
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In a limited meeting between the president and the ministry of institutions, he said, there was a confirmation that Papua and West Papua were still the focus of national development. Development of access to education, infrastructure and several other programs continues to be improved.
In the RPJMN 2020-2024, infrastructure development in these two provinces will continue to be encouraged. Among them are the development of transportation connectivity between districts / cities and two provinces both on land, air and sea routes.
"The point is that the president wants the acceleration of development in West Papua and Papua to be carried out to catch up with other regions," said Sumedi Andono Mulyo.
To reduce the gap between regions, continued Sumedi, in the RPJMN 2020-2024, the central government will continue to launch district and village development programs in these two provinces. Likewise the acceleration of development in disadvantaged areas.
"Then there is also the development of strategic areas, such as the construction of special economic zones in Sorong, as well as urban areas in Bintuni Bay," he said as quoted by Antara.
According to Sumedi Andono Mulyo, all of the development supports each other. The Center expects the support of the governor and regents / mayors especially regarding integrated supervision so that the vision of the program is achieved.

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