Free West Papua : Aide of OPM Officials Submits His Gun and recognizes the sovereignty of the NKRI

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Reporting from, Telangga Gire (30), one of the aides of Goliat Tabuni, one of the members of the armed criminal group (KKB) in Papua, declared himself returning to NKRI on Saturday (06/08/2019). The Goliath aide was named pledged loyal to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia before the Dandim 1714 / PJ Lieutenant Colonel Agus Sunaryo in the Illu District Village, Puncak Jaya Regency. Aside from Gire, there were three KKB members who participated in declaring themselves back to the Republic of Indonesia. In his confession, Gire claimed to have been deceived by Goliat Tabuni who promised independence for Papua.
Telangga Gire (30), who is an aide to Goliat Tabuni, one of the leaders of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) in Puncak Jaya Regency, stated himself returning to the NKRI. "Today (Saturday) around 8:15 a.m., Telangga Gire declared surrender and pledged loyalty to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia before the Dandim 1714 / PJ Lieutenant Colonel Agus Sunaryo accompanied by 25 Kodim members in Wurak Illu District, Puncak Jaya Regency," said Kapendam XVII Cenderawasih Colonel Inf Muhammad Aidi, through a release on Saturday (06/08/2019). In addition, there were three other people who followed Telangga who made the decision to return to the NKRI, they were Piningga Gire (25), Tekiles Tabuni (30) and Perengga (27).
In addition to declaring themselves joining the NKRI, they also handed over a Mosser type weapon and a number of 7.62 cal munitions. "According to Telangga, the weapons belonged to the police who were seized at the time of the attack on the Karubaga Police Station in Tolikara District in 2013," said Aidi. According to him, Telangga and his colleagues felt cheated by Goliat Tabuni and his group that soon Papua would become independent and they would be promised high office.
"We have lived in the forest for many years, overheating, cold, rain, starvation and so on. Every day we only eat petatas and take taro from the people's gardens, while development in the villages and in cities is increasingly advanced and citizens live prosperous, "said Aidi, conveying what Telangga said. For this reason, Telangga and three of his colleagues decided to leave the KKB and join the NKRI.

Aidi said the Puncak Jaya Regent Yuni Wonda had agreed to give Telangga and his colleagues work. In addition, Yui will also repair their home. The regent also plans to hold a citizen acceptance ceremony on June 11, 2019 by inviting Mulia residents, Puncak Jaya. "The Regent (Puncak Jaya) said that if he wants to return to the Republic of Indonesia, the local government will facilitate work and also build houses for those who do not have a house. If they already have a house, they will be rehabilitated to make it more feasible," said Colonel Inf Muhammad Aidi, in Jayapura On Monday (10/6/2019).
Meanwhile, the TNI will provide protection to Telangga and his friends, although not frontally so that their freedom is not disturbed. According to him, the decision to leave the OPM classified as armed separatist criminal groups (KKSB) is a risky thing, so there needs to be assistance so that their safety can be maintained. "We will still secure, but we do not mean confining their freedom. So, he will continue to carry out activities," Aidi said. As is known, Telangga Gire (30), Piningga Gire (25), Tekiles Tabuni (30) and Perengga (27) have taken an oath to enter the Unitary Republic of Indonesia before the Dandim 1714 / PJ Lieutenant Colonel Inf Agus Sunaryo.

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