Free West Papua : Southeast Sulawesi PSTI Appreciation for Papua Organizers of PON Prequalification

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Reported from Seputarpapua, Provincial Management of the Southeast Sulawesi Sepak Takraw Indonesia (PSTI) Association appreciates the establishment of the Papua Province as the host of the pre-qualification for the National Sports Week (Pra-PON) branch of sepak takraw region IV.
Chairman of the Southeast Sulawesi PSTI Abd Razak in Kendari on Wednesday (22/5) said that the determination of Papua as the organizer of the Pra-PON branch of sepak takraw sports in Region IV was agreed at the PSTI National Working Meeting forum in Indonesia some time ago.
"The important agenda of the National Working Meeting is the establishment of pre-PON hosts divided into four zones across Indonesia. Southeast Sulawesi in zone IV agreed to Papua as the host," Heriansyah said.
Southeast Sulawesi PSTI, he said, must be prepared to face pre-PON as a venue to determine the sport of football takraw competing in Papua XX / 2020 PON or not.
"Pre-PON is planned for September 2019 or about four months. It's time to prepare athletes because the competition for PON tickets is quite heavy," he said.
Sultra sepak takraw coach Southeast Sulawesi Waode Daanu said the struggle for XX Region PON tickets occupied by potential players and accompanied by experienced coaches was sure to run fiercely.
"It is not important to imagine the opponent's strength in the pre-PON arena. What is needed now is the management prepares athletes if they want to pass the PON," said Daanu.
Provinces in region IV are South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, Maluku, North Maluku, Southeast Sulawesi, West Papua and Papua.
Gorontalo is a province of gold medalists whose men's team numbers and men's teams and the strength of South Sulawesi, West Papua and Papua cannot be underestimated.
The numbers competed in the pre-PON event, namely the men's and women's double teams (quota of 9 male and 9 female athletes) and inter-male and female teams (quota of athletes 5 men and 5 daughters).

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