Free West Papua : Recapitulation of election votes in West Papua is complete

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Reported from, The plenary vote recapitulation of the general elections (elections) simultaneously in 2019 in West Papua Province was completed after a tough time on Thursday.
The plenary ended after a full debate related to the vote acquisition for the election of candidates for the House of Representatives (DPR) in West Papua in Maybrat Regency. Determination was carried out when the debate was still ongoing.
"Parties who do not accept our decision please litigate both at Bawaslu, DKPP (Honorary Board of Election Organizers), and the Constitutional Court," said West Papua KPU Chair Amus Atkana after determining the results of the calculation.
According to him, the debate regarding the vote acquisition in Maybrat will never be completed in this plenary, because the parties who disputed the recapitulation results read out by the KPU did not bring evidence.
KPU, said Amus, was prepared for the legal consequences related to the decision. The objected parties were asked to prepare evidence for all of their allegations.
The plenary vote recapitulation of the election of members of the West Papua DPR began around 23.30 WIT on Wednesday (15/5). The trial lasted a lot until around 3:30 a.m. WIT on Thursday (5/16).
A number of legislative candidates from the Democratic Party, Golkar, Hanura and several other parties questioned the truth of the data in the DB form that was read out by the KPU Maybrat in the provincial plenary.
They accused the vote inflation of benefiting certain candidates. They also urged proof to be carried out by opening C1 plano.
Before setting the vote, the Chairperson of the West Papua KPU had offered the option to pause the plenary time to carry out verification by opening the DA form. However, these legislative candidates refused and insisted that the proof be carried out through C1 plano.
After being determined, the situation escalated and the police rushed in to secure the KPU Commissioners, Bawaslu, operators and all the infrastructure in the plenary arena.
At that time the debate was still ongoing. The KPU maintains its decision while the legislative candidates want the plenary to continue by opening the C1 plano form.
The trial was finally suspended and will be reopened today at 10.00 CEST to be signed by the minutes of the results of the recapitulation of the vote results.
Based on the results of the recapitulation read by the KPU Maybrat at the plenary session, the PKB obtained 42 votes of support for the DPR seats in West Papua Province, Gerindra 2.209, PDIP 165, Golkar 5.169, Nasdem 9.759, Garuda 3, Berkarya 148, PKS 375, Perindo 74, PPP 0 , PSI 0, PAN 108, Hanura 5,073, Democrats 14,896, PBB 0 and PKPI 54.

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