Free West Papua : Papuas Separatist Flag Reportedly Had A Result in Kaimana

Reporting from, residents around the Tugu Dolphins back to the city, precisely on Mount Taki Mai, Kaki Air Kecil, Kaimana Kota Village, Kaimana District, Kaimana District, West Papua were shocked to see the flapping of Papuan separatist flags at around 06.00 WIT.
Not long after the police and members of the TNI lowered and secured the flag. Under the 2001 Papua Special Autonomy Law, the Papuan identity symbol of the Morning Star flag (better known to the people with the Morning Star) may be raised legally, with conditions that must be next to and lower than the Indonesian flag.
However, in 2007, the Morning Star hoisting, and the Mambruk Bird symbol, were banned, according to Government Regulation 77 of 2007 Article 6.

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