Free West Papua : National Police Headquarters Exhibits Portrait of Papuan Life to the World

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Reported from,  The Indonesian National Police (Polri) held a photo exhibition on Papuan life titled "Guardians of Civilization From the Police For Papua". The exhibition was held at the National Library building on Medan Merdeka Selatan street Jakarta, May 13-24, 2019.
Head of the National Police Binmas Noken Task Force Pol. Eko Rudi Sudarto said, the exhibition was held aimed at elevating the portrait of the lives of Papuans to the whole world. In addition, the exhibition was also the momentum of the one-year commemoration of the National Police's Binmas Noken Task Force in Papua.
"How can we present the portrait to the world? "This goes along with the activities of the National Police which have an approach program to the people in Papua through the National Police Binmas Noken Task Force," Eko explained.
Eko said, the various photos taken by the photographers were part of the journey of various Binmas Noken activities for one year in Papua.
The National Police Binmas Noken Task Force has an approach program for children in the interior of Papua, namely 'Police Pi Ajar' or the Police go to teach that aims to provide trauma healing to children in the interior of Papua.
"The majority of the Papuan people are in the mountains. This trauma healing program was needed after more and more crimes from the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in residential areas in the mountains. Some of the areas which are Binmas Noken duty areas include Wamena, Nduga, Puncak Jaya, Lanny Jaya, and several other areas, "he said.
In addition, other excellent programs, namely community empowerment in the agriculture and livestock sector. This activity is expected to provide an improvement in the livelihoods of the local community which is much disturbed by the crimes committed by the KKB, whose escalation has increased over the past 2 years.
Eko explained that community development activities or known as Binmas were initiated since 1990. This method is able to provide an approach to the community.
"In the current context, the National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian, then initiated the same operation since April 2018 and was named Binmas Noken Polri. The naming of noken was taken from the cultural treasures of civilization in Papua that are noble and we want to defend why at this moment we take the title guardians of civilization, because the National Police feel that civilizations in Papua are many noble ones and we must keep up with the development of time, "he explained.
This philosophy means extraordinary, namely Noken is a source of life, a source of dignity and a source of civilization for the people of Papua. All regions in Papua must understand what Noken is, which is literally a bag.
But for moms in Papua, Noken is a source of life that can be used to carry groceries, fill in the harvest, bring their sons and daughters into childhood, even for one valuable item there, namely pig livestock.
"We adopt the word Noken because we want to get input from the public, what the National Police program might be with the community. Then, the community was moved and felt happy with the presence of the Police. Besides that, it provides an atmosphere that there is no difference in social status that the community and the National Police are mutually complementary to civilization, "he said.
The National Police wants to make this an extraordinary moment "one picture is thousand world", one picture is millions of meanings if you can see them one by one. Perhaps the people in Jakarta want to see a portrait of the real world of Papua.

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