Free West Papua : National Police Commitment to Maintain Papuan Civilization

Reporting from, the National Police through the National Police Binmas Noken Task Force tried to maintain the original identity of the Papuan community amid the dynamics of the changing era.
Dirbintibmas Polri Korbinmas Pol Brigadier General Edi Setyobudi, through a Polri press release, in Jakarta, Thursday, said it was trying to safeguard the civilization of the Papuan community amid the intense social change. Not only that, the National Police are also tasked with protecting the community and guarding the continuity of the civilization.
The efforts of the National Police Binmas Task Force to safeguard the security and wisdom of local Papuans are expressed through photo exhibitions and "talk shows" at the National Library, Jakarta.
To maintain traditional culture, the state must be present in every process of change and social dynamics, and the need for state tools as security guards and traditional indigenous cultures.
To show Papuan civilization to the outside world, the Binmas Noken Task Force enshrines it through camera shots of every detail of events in Papua that are laden in it.

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