Free West Papua : KPU Recapitulation: Jokowi-Amin Wins 100 Percent in Four Regencies in Papua

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Reporting from, the recapitulation results of the 2019 Election Commission of Papua Province, presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs number 01 Joko Widodo (Jokowi) -Ma'ruf Amin won 100 percent in four districts in Papua, Tuesday (05/14/2019 ) The four districts are Puncak District, Central Mamberamo, Lanny Jaya, and Nduga. These regions hold elections with a noken / tie system. In addition, Puncak Jaya Regency which has read out the results of the presidential election at the provincial level on midnight Monday (05/13/2019) was also won by Jokowi-Amin with a 100 percent achievement.
However, until now the results of the vote recapitulation in Puncak Jaya have not been ratified because there were protests from witnesses of one of the political parties regarding the vote acquisition of the DPR RI and the DPRP. Then in Yalimo Regency, Jokowi-Amin almost won an absolute victory because the Prabowo-Sandi pair only received three votes from the final voter list (DPT) of 89,438. The level of voter participation in Yalimo reached 100 percent even though in the technical guidelines of the Republic of Indonesia KPU number 810, the district held elections with the national system. Responding to the results, witness pair 01 Toto Daryoto reminded Yalimo Election Commission to be able to account for these data. "In Yalimo there is DPC Gerindra, so this must be up to the Constitutional Court. I hope the Yalimo Election Commission can take responsibility for this," said Toto.
Until Tuesday night, at 10:00 p.m., the 24 regencies whose vote recapitulation was approved at the provincial level and all won by the Jokowi-Amin pair. Cumulatively, Jokowi-Amin has received 2,663,237 votes (92.17 percent), while the Prabowo-Sandi pair has 226,156 votes (7.83 percent). Since the reading of the recapitulation of votes from the district / city was read at the level of the Papua Province, the witness of the candidate pair number 02 was only present on 7 May. While the witnesses of the presidential candidate 01 were always present.

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