Free West Papua : Defeating China, Papuan Students Win the General Champion at the West Nottingham Academy, US

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Reported from Papuatimes, Papuan students once again make proud achievements in America. Marike Agustin Tenawe, a female student from Papua successfully graduated as the first overall champion (Valedictorian) at West Nottingham Academy (WNA) Colora Maryland United States.
For her success, Marike was given the opportunity to present a single speech representing all students at the graduation ceremony which took place in the West Nottingham Academy hall on Saturday (05/18/2019).
"I graduated as the first general champion (Valedictorian) while the second general champion (Saludictorian) was two people, namely from China and America. I was also given the opportunity to deliver a speech representing all students, "said Marike Tenawe, Wednesday (5/22/2019).
Besides Marike Tenawe, there are 11 Papuan students who also graduated from the West Nottingham Academy (WNA). They are Aprilia Burdam, Bone Atek, Pince Gombo, Elvine Mote, Vincensius Pekei, Vannar Krey, Valentine Talenggen, Ice Selegani, Golda Wihyawari, Lia Weya, and Mendison Wonda.
Of the 12 students, 3 got a scholarship from the United States Government to study at University Of Rhode Island namely Marike Agustin Tenawe from Mimika with a final GPA of 4.00 accepted as a student at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Ocean Engineering then Vannar Krey from Biak with the last GPA 3.71 majoring in Ocean Engineering (Ocean Engineering) and Golda Meir A Wihyawari from Serui majoring in Fisheries, Animal and Veterany Science (Fisheries Sciences).
While 9 other students were also accepted at a number of universities in America, namely Aprilia Burdam and Ice Selegani to continue their studies at Oregon State University. Then Pince Gombo, Lia Weya, Valentine Talenggen and Vincensius Pekei continued their studies at Washington State University. Next, Mendison Wonda and Bone Atek went to Marshall University. And Elvine Mote went on to Tarumanegara University.
 Thank you, the Government of Papua
In her speech, Marike stated that the success she had achieved with her Papuan friends was a gift from Lord Jesus. This achievement also proves that native Papuan children are able to compete with other children from various countries in the world.
"I from the smallest dreamed of going to school abroad and God made it happen through the Papua Provincial Government that sent us and provided scholarships for schools in America," said Marike.
Marike also expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) for supporting and providing scholarships so that they could complete their studies on time.
"On behalf of myself and my friends, I express my gratitude to Mr. Governor Enembe who paid attention to our education and also to the people of Papua who supported us in prayer," Marike said.
Marike Agustin Tenawe and 11 native Papuan students were sent by the Papua Provincial Government in the United States on the Otsus Papua scholarship. They were sent to know 2016 and complete their studies this year (2019).
"We all get the same scholarship from the Otsus Scholarship. We were sent to study in Manadi for 11 months and then sent to the USA in 2016 to go to school at the West Nottingham Academy and only now graduate in 2019, "she said.

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