Free West Papua : The Burning Police Headquarters in Papua Not Related to Elections

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Reported from DETIK.COM,  The Wagete Police Headquarters, Papua, was burned by the mob. The police confirmed that the arson was related to criminal cases, namely cases of violence and abuse.
Head of Papua Police Public Relations Commissioner Pol. Ahmad Kamal said, there were no victims killed by police when the incident occurred. This action originated from the arrest of perpetrators of persecution of civilians and attacks on members of the Indonesian National Police, MD (20).
"MD, who is the perpetrator of the persecution and destruction of vehicles belonging to civilians and members of the Indonesian National Police, has now been named a suspect," Kamal told reporters in Jayapura, quoted from Antara on Wednesday (5/22/2019).
Kamal said that the violence occurred on Tuesday (21/5) at 17.00 WIT. At that time the residents found an act of violence and extortion carried out by MD. Residents immediately reported incidents that occurred at the police station so members then went to the scene.
But the suspect resisted by beating members and patrol cars so the members then returned to the police station and reported it. Received the report then the members returned to the suspect's house, but MD returned to fight by removing an arrow along with a bow and directed to members.
"As a result, members issued warning shots, but the suspects continued to fight and chase members so they were forced to shoot again and hit MD," Kamal said.
Shortly after MD was shot, around 50 residents attacked the police station and set fire. In addition to burning the police station, the mob also set fire to three shops and harassed three civilians at Wagete.

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