Free West Papua : The Face of a Special House in Papua, for Indigenous Leaders to Ex OPM

Man with guitar.

Reported from Finance.Detik, the Government built a special house in Papua for religious / customary leaders, conflict affected communities, border / education staff and ex-OPM.
Proper housing provision as basic infrastructure for low-income communities living in border areas and remote islands in the Papua Province through the Special House (Rusus) House of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) program. Pool / Ministry of PUPR.
Rusus development in Papua is also intended for religious / customary leaders, conflict-affected communities, officers, education and health personnel serving in border areas and ex OPM members. Pool / Ministry of PUPR.
Rusus development also touched Ariepi Village, Kosiwo District, Yapen Islands Regency, Papua. A total of 25 Rusus units were built in the area in 2017 and are inhabited. Pool / Ministry of PUPR.

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