FreeWestPapua : Send Logistics, Papua Health Office Collaborates with Pos Indonesia

Jayapura, - In the context of utilizing postal services for the prevention of tuberculosis (TBC) in the Papua Province. The Papua Health Service signed a memorandum of understanding with PT Pos Indonesia Regional XI in the Papua and West Papua regions on Tuesday (6/11/2018) yesterday.

Head of Papua Health Service drg. Aloysius Giyai, M.Kes after the signing of the agreement said that for a long time, the Papua Health Service had collaborated with PT Pos Indonesia in the delivery of logistics, equipment and medicines to all districts in Papua Province. Especially in terms of price and service quality, said Aloysius, PT Pos Indonesia is still the cheapest, fastest and best compared to other shipping services.

"In terms of networks, PT Pos Indonesia is number one and best. So that every year we always cooperate with various programs, this time with the TB problem, yesterday there was no problem, "Aloysius said.

According to Aloysius, the geographical conditions in Papua which are very difficult to reach by the Health Office need support from partners such as PT Pos Indonesia. Therefore, he hopes that this year's collaboration will run better in order to win over health problems in all corners of Papua, especially in the prevention of TB disease.

Meanwhile, Head of PT Pos Indonesia Regional XI W. Lily Selanno said that with all network capacity installed, PT Pos Indonesia Regional XI was ready to carry out its duties to distribute all shipments given by the Papua Health Service.

"Actually the collaboration with the Health Office has been going on for a long time, including our collaboration with the Ministry of Health for a long time to reach all corners," Lily said after the agreement was signed.

According to Lily, PT Pos Indonesia is an extension of the government that is present to reach people in remote areas of the archipelago as well as health services. Therefore, he hopes that the collaboration and partnership with the Papua Health Office for health services will continue to be maintained and improved.

"So far in carrying out tasks according to the agreement, there are no problems. Unless there are extraordinary events such as disasters. All tasks are carried out well by us. We are ready to present to convey all messages of community service directly in remote areas of Papua. That is, with this collaboration, hopefully there will be other cooperation, "said Lily.

Just to note, Pos Indonesia is a state-owned enterprise (BUMN) Indonesia that is engaged in postal services. At present, the form of a Pos Indonesia business entity is a limited liability company and is often referred to as PT. Indonesian post.

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