Free West Papua : West Papua Ready to Develop Superior Spices

Manokwari - To optimize land use in West Papua Province, the government plans to develop coffee plantations which are currently listed in the leading commodities in the West Papua plantation sector. In addition to coffee, the West Papua government will also develop several other commodities including cocoa, nutmeg, sago, areca nut, coconut and oil palm heads.

"The development of all commodities has been accommodated in the Strategic Plan for the Development of West Papua Province," said the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan in Manokwari, Thursday (1/11).

He said, the poverty rate in this area is still high. Optimizing the use of natural resources is carried out to elevate people's lives.

Related to this, last year the governor submitted a number of programs in the plantation sector to the central government. The governor's proposal was responded positively by the Ministry of Agriculture through a program of rehabilitation, intensification and expansion of plantation land.

"The development of these commodities is carried out in stages and spread in a number of regions based on their respective potential. We will develop coffee for the suitable Arfak Mountains, other commodities such as cocoa in Manokwari, South Manokwari and Sorong, "he said again.

This former regent of Manokwari expressed, this plantation development program was intended for the community. He hopes that stakeholders, especially customary rights owners, support it.

In addition, the governor appealed, in the development of the community plantation sector and related institutions to pay attention to the aspects of sustainability and environmental sustainability both land and its impacts on marine aquatic ecosystems.

"West Papua has been proclaimed as a conservation province and regional regulations on sustainable development are immediately discussed and ratified in the DPR. "All aspects of development, including in the plantation sector, must be in harmony with the conservation program," he said again.

The head of the West Papua Food and Horticulture Plant Yacob Fonataba on the previous occasion revealed that the cocoa rehabilitation, intensification and expansion program had been carried out in Manokwari. In that the farmers also receive seedlings, fertilizers and planting costs.

The development of nutmeg was carried out in Fakfak and Kaimana Districts. Farmers in these two regions have a total area of ​​1,350 hectares of rehabilitation and expansion of nutmeg land.

"Raja Ampat has a 240 hectare coconut expansion program. This is good for supporting tourism, the delivery of seeds will be held the first week of this month, "said Fonataba.

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