Free West Papua : TNI holds mass treatment at the RI-PNG border

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TNI soldiers from Battalion 121 / MK held mass treatment at the RI-Papua New Guinea (PNG) border precisely in Wembi Village, Mannem District, Keerom Regency, Papua. Company Commander (Danki) B, Inf. Captain HS Sihombing, when contacted from Jayapura City on Sunday, said that mass treatment was held on Saturday (10/11) at the peak of Heroes' Day.
"This activity is one of the TNI's social services that can be carried out and felt directly by the community and is very beneficial for our citizens who are far inland along the national borders," he said. In addition, he said, the activity was a form of gratitude from the TNI to God Almighty because it coincided with Heroes' Day, where Indonesian independence was the result of the efforts of the heroes who had fought for it first.
"For that, it is our duty as a nation child to continue the ideals of the heroes who want our country to become an independent country towards a country with a just and prosperous society with a variety of positive activities," he said. The activity was a collaboration of the Health Team of the Arso Timur Health Center under the responsibility of the Head of the Suswanto Health Center who assigned three doctors namely Dr. Ria Apriani Siburian, Dr. Selvi and Dr. Thiolfa Lopak.
While the 121 / Yonif Battalion Task Force, he said, fielded 10 personnel from the Task Force Health Team with the person in charge of the platoon health commander, First Lieutenant Ckm J Nainggolan. "This treatment will serve the general treatment of all age groups, from toddlers to elderly citizens with a target of achieving 100 patients," he said. In addition, this health service also gives special attention to the growth of body and nutrition of children, where from the field monitoring there are still many children in Wembi village whose nutritional intake is very lacking.
"The Health Team also provides important counseling for people who have children in the developmental period about nutritious food intake to prevent them from falling ill easily with adequate nutrition to support children's brain development," said HS Sihombing. Separately, Reuben residents who received health services revealed enough
satisfied and happy for the activity in their village and residents hope this activity can be carried out regularly.
"We feel that the current health services are quite lacking as well as the existing Puskesmas is far away, but the existence of mass treatment from the TNI is very helpful for us, especially given the provision of nutritious food to school children," he said. This mass treatment activity was the second time carried out by the Battalion 121 / MK Task Force in Wembi Village within 9 months serving as one of the RI-PNG border security tasks in the Papua Province. Mass treatment was previously carried out in May at the same place, and was attended by many residents who received the free health services.

Source : Antaranews

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