Free West Papua : Support XX PON, Kemenpora Send Asian Games Equipment to Papua

Jakarta, PAPUANEWS.ID - The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenpora-RI) expressed optimism that the holding of the XX National Sports Week (PON) in Papua Province in 2020 will be better.

Kemenpora itself supports the succession of XX PON by sending match equipment used at the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games to Papua.

"We will support Papua in the implementation of the 2020 PON by sending competing equipment after the Asian Games and Asian Para Games. It can also be used for POPNAS (National Student Sports Week) in 2019 and PON in 2020," said Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. ( HC) H. Imam Nahrawi, S. Ag, MKP to the press after accepting the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, SIP, MH along with the PON XX road show group at the Kemenpora Office, Thursday afternoon (01/11/2018).

Imam stated that the delivery of equipment for the Asian Games and Asian Para Games to Papua will be discussed technically including the preparation of warehouses to store them.

And also the scenario to anticipate the depreciation of match equipment because the time of PON is still two years away (2020).

"In the discussion with the governor, I asked also if there was a shift in the equipment, the warehouse must be prepared and there must be a scenario to anticipate depreciation of equipment because the 2020 PON is currently available. It should be addressed as possible by means of management used for training athletes. But it will be discussed technically later, "said Mempora.

According to Mempora, the arrival of Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and his entourage indicated that the Government of Papua Province was really preparing for the implementation of POPNAS 2019 and XX PON in 2020.

Because, PON in Papua is the first time in the eastern tip of Indonesia it will definitely be an extraordinary history.

"I express my gratitude to the Governor for reaching my place with the Chairperson of the DPRP, the Regional Secretary, the Kadispora and all the heads of agencies and assistants as well. This indicates that Papua is really preparing itself for POPNAS and PON. Maybe there are still those who think that Papua is not ready. But I heard from the governor, that I was really very prepared and I was very optimistic. "There are just a few venues that might have to be budgeted to be built," said Imam Nahrawi.

Furthermore, Imam said, XX PON in Papua is not only limited to the development of mere infrastructure as well as management and organization of PON in a political manner but more than that it is hoped that this event can motivate athletes in Indonesia to break records at international levels.

"There is one more motivation at PON 2020, which must be a lot of records that can be solved by athletes. "I think it is not only infrastructure and administration, but PON in Papua is also a record-breaking event at the international level," he explained.

In the road show at Kemenpora, Thursday afternoon (11/11/2018) the Governor of Papua was accepted by Menpora Imam Nahrawi on the 10th floor of the Kemenpora Office, Jakarta.

The arrival of the Governor of Papua was in order to discuss Papuan preparations as the host of PON XX and PEPARNAS XVI from the stage of venue renovation to preparation of match equipment.

Also present at the meeting, Chairman of the DPRP, Dr. Yunus Wonda, Regional Secretary of Papua, TEA Hery Dosinaen, SIP, MKP, Assistant I for Government and Law, Doren Wakerkwa, SH, Assistant II for Public Welfare, Dr. Ir. Noak Kapisa.

Head of Bapeda, Dr. M Mus'aad, Head of the Sports and Youth Service, Drs. David Ngabalin Head of PUPR Office, Girius O Yoman, Head of General Bureau Emi Enembe, Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau Israil Ilolu, Papua Regional Liaison Chief in Jakarta, Alex Kapisa, ST, Kadis Kominfo Kansiana Salle.

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