Free West Papua : Peek at Jokowis Shining Idea through National Strategic Projects

Hasil gambar untuk jokowi strategi nasional

Reporting from Deliknews, the administration of President Joko Widodo will soon even enter his fifth year. In order to increase economic growth through infrastructure development in Indonesia, the Government has made efforts to accelerate projects that are considered strategic and have high urgency to be realized in a short period of time. In this effort, the Government through the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs initiated the creation of a mechanism for accelerating the provision of infrastructure and the issuance of related regulations as a legal umbrella governing it.
With the draft, President Jokowi then issued a policy of President Joko Widodo issuing Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 3 of 2016 concerning the Acceleration of National Strategic Project Implementation (PSN) with the aim of implementing the policy to equalize infrastructure development so as to improve the economy of a region during this is only concentrated on the island of Java.
One of the Jokowi era government programs that has now been enjoyed by the public is the existence of a National Strategic Project for the construction of the Trans Sumatra Toll Road Development.
The Trans Sumatra Toll Road is a toll road that will be built along 2,818 km to connect road access from Aceh to Lampung. The construction of the toll road crossing Sumatra is an intelligent program which was initiated by the Jokowi era government. The construction of the toll road can increase the economy of each region on the island of Sumatra.
In addition to reducing the logistics cost swelling by goods suppliers, the existence of this toll road is very helpful for supplying supplies sent from Java so that there is no scarcity of certain commodities. On the other hand, the construction of the toll road is also beneficial for the community because it can cut down on travel time if you want to move from one city to another city so that travel is more effective.
The path that is traversed by the Trans Sumatra Toll Road is divided into four main corridors and three priority corridors for the toll road network in Sumatra.
The four main corridors of the toll road include Lampung-Palembang along 358 kilometers, Palembang-Pekanbaru 610 kilometers, Pekanbaru-Medan 548 kilometers, and Medan-Banda Aceh 460 kilometers. While the other three priority development corridors, including the 303-kilometer Palembang-Bengkulu road, 242-Padang 242 kilometers and Medan-Sibolga as far as 175 kilometers.
In addition to building the Trans Sumatra toll road, the Jokowi government also launched the construction of ports, airports, dams, power plants, and even distribution of fuel oil prices in Papua. The high price of fuel in Papua can be handled well by the current era government. In addition to the infrastructure development in the form of roads as access to logistics delivery from the materials needed by the people of Papua, the level of the economy in Papua is much better.
Approaching the completion of the responsibility of his leadership period and ahead of the 2019 Election, many highlighted President Jokowi's performance which was considered to take advantage of the existence of the National Strategic Project Development (PSN) as a campaigning place and community voting. Please note that the work program on PSN has been launched since 2016.
Since the beginning of the formulation of the work program, the main objective of infrastructure development is through PSN so that the community can further improve the regional economic growth so that the standard of living of the community is better by utilizing the infrastructure that has been established through this PSN. Therefore, President Jokowi's Government through KPPIP is determined to continue to oversee and encourage the acceleration of PSN development in Indonesia with other stakeholders so that the achievements that have been achieved are optimally achieved.
As Indonesian citizens, it is fitting that we always support the development of this national strategic project. Because the benefits of developing this national strategic project will be enjoyed by all Indonesian people.

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