Free West Papua : Menpora: Papua Ready to Make Extraordinary History in PON XX

Jakarta, - Menpora Imam Nahrawi and a number of his staff welcomed the arrival of Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, SIP.MH along with his entourage in the framework of the PON Road Show to the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports on Thursday (11/11/2018).

The Governor of Papua was welcomed directly by the Menpora Imam Nahrawi. After the meeting, Menpora Faith Nahrawi, who was met by reporters, said that the presence of Governor Lukas and his entourage who conveyed the progress of their preparations to host indicated that Papua was really ready to hold Student Sports Week and National Sports Week XX in 2020.

"The Governor of the Father, the Secretary of the District, the Chairperson of the House of Representatives and the heads of agencies have delivered everything. I am now hearing all reports and this indicates that Papua is ready to host and is ready to make an extraordinary history, "Imam said.

"The point is that the focus of our discussion at today's meeting with the Governor of Papua is that a number of PON venues that must be budgeted for and worked on in 2019. I am very pleased with the unanimous determination of the Governor of Papua supported by the Papua House Speaker who has prepared various things to welcome the big momentum of PON in 2020, "he said.

Regarding equipment for each venue, Imam suggested that the Papua Provincial Government should consider the time of purchase so as not to experience depreciation, considering the implementation of the Games was still two years away.

"The equipment that is the main need that must be equipped is still lacking, it will be supported by the tools used at the 2018 Asian Games so that it can help support Popnas and also PON XX," said Imam.

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