Free West Papua : KPPN Timika is optimistic that the absorption of the state budget will reach the target

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Timika's Treasury Service Office (KPPN), Mimika Regency, Papua, is optimistic that the absorption of the National Budget managed by 42 work units (satker) in Mimika Regency and Puncak Regency can reach a target of at least 90 percent by the end of 2018.

The head of the Timika Tukima KPPN in Timika, Thursday, said this year 42 Work Units managed the state budget funds totaling Rp1.6 trillion.

The budget is intended to finance employee expenditure of Rp330.4 billion, goods expenditure of Rp355.3 billion and development expenditure of Rp.226.9 billion.

Tukima explained that this year's largest allocation of the State Budget in Mimika Regency and Puncak Regency was in the form of regional transfers for village funds (DD) and physical Special Allocation Funds (DAK) which absorbed a budget of Rp. 698.2 billion.

Until the beginning of November, the absorption of the budget by 42 State Budget Management Units in Mimika and Puncak had reached 61 percent of the minimum target of around 90 percent until the end of the year.

"I still have confidence until the end of the year the target can be achieved because the contract billing work is usually done at the end of the year," said Tukima.

He mentioned the main obstacles that hampered the smooth absorption of the budget, namely the habit of always submitting bills for payment of work contracts at the end of the year before the close of the fiscal year.

"The reality on the ground is still like that. It should be that from the beginning of this year the Satker friends have made careful planning because there is a name on page 3 of DIPA, namely monthly withdrawal planning. But what happened, Satker friends did not comply with what they had planned alone, "he said.

Tukima stated that the cause of the delay in the disbursement of the budget was triggered by the delay in the process of employment contracts, where the average new employment contract was carried out in the middle of the current fiscal year.

Even though the rules allow the work contract to be carried out at the end of the previous fiscal year and the signing of a new employment contract will be carried out at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

"Every year usually DIPA per each of the following fiscal year work units has been submitted since mid-December of the previous year. Last year we submitted DIPA 2018 on December 18, 2017 including regional transfers related to Village Alocation Funds (ADD)," Tukima explained.

In addition to regional transfers for village funds and physical DAK that absorb the largest budget from the APBN, the Satker that is quite large manages the APBN in Timika, namely Mozes Kilangin Airport Satker with a budget allocation of Rp275.1 billion.

Up to now the budget that has been absorbed by Mozes Kilangin Airport Work Unit is Rp108 billion with realization reaching 38 percent.

Then the National Road Implementing Unit of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing amounted to IDR 67.5 billion with realization reaching 51.7 percent.

"For Mozes Kilangin Satker and PJN Satker, we are optimistic that they can achieve the budget absorption target because all are in contractual form. Meanwhile all of their work is in the completion stage," Tukima explained.
Source : Antaranews

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