Free West Papua : Jokowi Inaugurates Avengers Headquarters in Merauke

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the Time Capsule Monument in Merauke, Papua. This monument was viral because it was similar to the headquarters of The Avengers.
The Time Capsule Monument itself is located near Mopah Merauke Airport, Papua. In this event, Jokowi also spoke about the Time Capsule Expedition.
"Three years ago, after circling 34 provinces as far as 24,089 kilometers, the Time Capsule Expedition had succeeded in bringing the 2015-2085 Indonesia Dream Time Capsule from the west end to the eastern end of Indonesia," Jokowi said in his speech on Friday (11/16/2018).
This expedition keeps the dreams of Indonesian children in 34 provinces stored in a capsule. There are seven dreams written by young people in time capsules, namely:
  • Indonesian human resource intelligence is superior to other nations in the world.
  • Indonesian society upholds pluralism, cultured, religious, and upholds ethical values.
  • Indonesia as a center of education, technology and world civilization.
  • Our society and government apparatus are free from corrupt behavior.
  • Building infrastructure that is evenly distributed throughout Indonesia.
  • Indonesia is an independent country and the most influential country in the Asia Pacific.
  • Indonesia as a barometer of world economic growth

Those seven dreams are stored in the Time Capsule Monument. This capsule will open in 2085.
"We put the seven dreams of the nation's children permanently at the Indonesia Dream Time Capsule Monument in Merauke, on the eastern tip of Indonesia. So that later in 2085 we will be opened by our successors," Jokowi said.
Jokowi said that the Time Capsule Monument has the same spirit as the Avengers. These Marvel heroes are called having a great desire to protect weak people.
"This monument has the same soul and spirit as the Avangers. The Avengers not only have big dreams, but take great actions to protect the people, protect the weak," he said.
As is known, the area of Capsule Monument Time covering an area of 2.5 ha consisting of 1 ha is the monument area and 1.5 ha is used as the square. The idea of building a monument to store time capsules came from Jokowi on the 70th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence in 2015 and will be reopened in the next 70 years.

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