Free West Papua : Here is The Greatest of The State Building in Papua

Reporting from Riaurealita, Being a country that has many tribes, cultures, and customs, it is indeed no secret that many designs or models of buildings in the country include elements to add beauty. Likewise with the presidential office called the Papua State Building. Inside the building, there are many cultural elements in the eastern part of Indonesia. Even the five-dome shape also adopted from the traditional house belonging to the Honai Tribe. Not only stop there, carvings and decorations in the building also reflect the five customs in Papua. The Tifa pillar is a typical musical instrument from Bumi Cenderwasih.


As a place intended for important people in this country, besides beauty, apparently the security system of this place is also made with special standards. Launching the page, there are at least 50 surveillance cameras in parts of the building. In addition, using guard posts is layered to create maximum security. Reflecting on these conditions, of course the troublemakers will find it difficult to enter the place. Don't trust you friends? Noh, please try my friend, hopefully it won't become a shop.


Apart from a number of these things, this place also has a variety of facilities that can be said to be very fun. Like one of them is a swimming pool that directly presents the natural beauty of Papua. It doesn't stop there, the white-patterned building also has a platform for landing and flying a helicopter. Some sports facilities are also pinned to add to the completeness of this one place. Reported by Antara page, in addition to the President's room and living room, this place also features a large hall and also the residence of the Governor of Papua and his staff.

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