Free West Papua : Terror Teacher OPM Group and Health Workers in Papua Province

JAYAPURA - OPM armed criminal groups again committed terror to residents in Nduga Regency, Papua, Saturday (10/20/2018). This time the armed group committed terror to teachers and health workers in Mapenduma District.

From the statement of one of the elementary school teachers YPGRI 1 Mapenduma, initials MN revealed that he and 15 other teachers and health workers in Mapenduma District had been threatened and detained so as not to engage in activities by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) Egianus Kogeya who claimed to be the younger brother of Kelly Kwalik.

The armed group refused and detained the activities of teachers and health workers from 3-17 October 2018. During this period, the teachers and health workers stayed overnight and received security guarantees from the Head of the Mapenduma District Health Center, Mr. Naftali Wandikbo.

Then on Thursday 18 October 2018 chartered planes came to pick up the teachers and health workers to go to Wamena.

Secretary of the District Education Office of Nduga Fredik Samuel Bapundu confirmed the threatening and rejection of the teachers and health workers. The armed groups suspect the teachers and health workers as security forces in disguise in order to find information on the KKB movement.

"The teachers and health workers are currently in Wamena and gather with their families," he said.

Fredik Samuel said, initially he was not aware of the rejection report. But after getting the initial report, he immediately found out the truth of the report. Administratively, Mapenduma District has two school units, namely SD YPGRI 1 Mapenduma and SMPN 1 Mapenduma and 1 unit of Puskesmas.

Please note, to reach the Mapenduma District area, there are two routes, namely the air route using Caravan type aircraft on the Wamena-Mapenduma route. Then the land route with the Wamena-Yal route uses a double gardan car (a type of Triton and Strada) for 8 hours and continued by Yal-Mapenduma by walking for 2 hours.

For the communication signal in Mapenduma District there is no alias because the communication tower has not been established in that area. As for

Police actions have approached teachers and health workers and families to be questioned. Then flew 1 victim of physical and immoral violence to Jayapura. Currently being treated in Bhayangkara Jayapura Hospital and 1 person being treated at Wamena Hospital.

The police continue to coordinate with relevant parties in addition to improving security and anticipating security disturbances in Nduga District, especially in Mapenduma.

Papua Police Public Relations Head, Comr. Pol. Ahamad Musthofa Kamal, regretted the action carried out by the KKB. He said, health and education are basic needs that must be met by every citizen for the progress of development in an area including Papua.

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