Free West Papua : Special Autonomy Funds will be managed directly by each district

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The Regent of Jayapura, Mathius Awoitauw, SE, M.Sc, revealed that for the management of special autonomy (Otsus) funds provided by the Papua Provincial Government to regencies / cities in Papua Province, especially in Jayapura Regency will be transferred to be managed directly by each district.

It was said, for Jayapura Regency, he saw that it was quite advanced in giving full support to the people in the village, where this had long been carried out by social preparation in the form of community empowerment.
"Now we are actually planning that 80 percent of the Special Autonomy funds will be directly in the district and this has been discussed in the Jayapura District RPJMD. We have planned how this service center will be in the districts and 6 districts we have set as a pilot project, "he told Cenderawasih Pos in his office on Friday (5/10).
Mathius hopes that the Special Autonomy fund managed by Jayapura Regency can be directly sent to the district to manage it. Therefore, communications such as this need to be established by the Papua Provincial Government.
"So if the province only takes unilateral decisions, this will disturb what we have built so far. Therefore, there needs to be wisdom and if necessary not uniformed in various places with a very suitable approach and if possible this should work, "he said.
In addition, Mathius saw that the allocation of funds from the Prospect had also long gone to the villages, so this disrupted the planning of the people in the villages so far, especially those in Jayapura Regency.
"I see that it needs two-way communication to take this policy. Because Otsus is in the province, but the acceptance of Otsus which is called this community is in the district / city, especially in Jayapura Regency, "he concluded.

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