Free West Papua : OPM Chair of Egianus Kogeya Penebar Terror in Mapenduma

JAYAPURA - Kodam XVII / Cenderawasih mentions that the Armed Separatist Crime Group (KKSB) led by Egianus Kogeya who committed rape and confinement in Mapenduma, Papua. Even this group led by Egianus Kogeya or often referred to as the Free Papua Organization (OPM) often spread terror in Mapenduma. Egianus Kageya's group was also the perpetrator of the shooting of the plane and the massacre of civilians, including a small child in Nduga some time ago.

As is known, Egianus Kageya was still in contact with the late Kelly Kwalik, the hostage taker of the Lorentz team in 1995/1996 at Mapenduma.

Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih Kol Inf Muhammad Aidi said the security apparatus would certainly take action, but the mechanism did not need to be conveyed to the public.

"The Commander of the Regional Military Commander and the Regional Police Chief have formed a Law Enforcement Task Force (Task Force Gumum). This is to guarantee the certainty and authority of the law in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia," Aidi said when contacted by SINDOnews on Monday (10/22/2018).

What is clear, said Aidi, confinement and rape is a cruel and barbaric act that is inhumane. "They (victims) are social workers, they are willing to leave their hometowns and families in order to prosper and promote the rural communities of Papua. But they actually get inhumane treatment,".

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