Free West Papua : MR Immunization in Papua Reaches 98 Percent

Man with guitar.

Reporting from Detik, MR Immunization (Measles Rubella) in the province of West Papua reaches 98 percent, exceeding that set by the Ministry of Health, which is 95 percent. This makes West Papua province the only province outside Java that has the highest coverage for MR immunization.
Head of the West Papua Provincial Health Office, Otto Parorrongan, SKM, MKes, said that all efforts were made by the local government to disseminate information to the public on the importance of immunization in children.
"Public awareness through print and electronic media, but friends here also enter the lower levels such as youth clubs and dance groups. The point is that every opportunity we always convey to the community," he said when met at Aimas Square, Sorong Regency, Sunday (10/14/2018).

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