Free West Papua : Heroic Action of Police Securing Conflict in Papua - Staying Sturdy despite Arrows In His Body

Clashed by two groups of residents in Oksibil District, Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Papua, Tuesday (10/02/2018) caused police officers to be injured.
Reported by from the Instagram account of Brigadier General Krishna Krishna Murti @ krishnamurti_bd91, an officer who secures the conflict affected by an arrow in his eyes.
From the video that was uploaded, the officer seemed to remain steadfast in carrying out the task even though the bow of the arrow stuck in his right eye.
With an embedded arrow, the policeman made a respectful gesture when facing the camera.
As he walked, he could look back at the clashing situation.
Amid the clash, he did not show the slightest bit of pain and walked bravely while carrying a gun.
Krishna Murti appreciated the rigidity of the officer.
"God Wills It ... Eyes hit by arrows when securing conflict. He is still strong ...
Certainly some of you say: it's risk ..., Krishna Murti wrote in the video statement.
Reported from, clashing in Oksibil District, Pegunungan Bintang District, Papua involved the police and resulted in two officers being hit by an arrow.
The Papua Police Public Relations Head of the Office of Police, Sr. Comr. Ahmad Mustofa Kamal said the two policemen were AKP Amon and Brigadier Dolfis.
"One member of the Brimob was injured by an arrow in the eye and visible then there was an arrow in the thigh," said Kombes Pol Ahmad.
In addition, clashes also resulted in damage and injuries.
"Then there were five people who were injured and there were five shophouses and five houses burned," he explained.
Two groups of warring citizens were Team 9 of Yance Tapyer's leadership and regent support group.
Team 9 Leader Yance Tapyer wants the Mountains Bintang Regent, Costan Otemka, to step down from his position.

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