Free West Papua : Batik Day, Getting to Know Papuan Batik that is Rich in Color and Motif

Reporting from Tempo, Asmat Batik became one of the best known batik motifs in the land of Papua. Shown with a blend of typical land and terracotta colors, the images in Asmat Batik are dominated by Asmat tribes' unique carving patterns that become the indigenous tribes of this Land of Paradise.
Batik is also a medium for the Papuan people to perpetuate natural and cultural wealth from the land of Papua. This is illustrated from a variety of batik motifs that are dominated by the beauty of the bird of paradise, the uniqueness of the musical instrument tifa, to the uniqueness of the honai traditional house.
These various patterns come with bright and attractive color backgrounds. This is the characteristic of Papuan batik which distinguishes it from batik from Central Java which is dominated by dark and shaded colors.
That's just Papuan batik from the Asmat Tribe. There are still various types of batik from other tribes that have different colors and motifs, especially asymmetrical batik. If you are interested in traveling to Papua, there are a number of recommendations that are worth visiting for hunting souvenirs typical of this Cendrawasih Land.

Source : Tempo

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