Free West Papua : 4 Years of Jokowi-JK Leadership, Freeport Return to Republic of Indonesia

Reporting from Liputan6, the administration of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) has entered its fourth year on October 20, 2018. This year, an achievement occurred by the government: the purchase of the Grasberg gold mine or the broader known as Freeport.
The gold mine in Papua was previously controlled by PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) under PT Freeport-McMoran from the United States (US) and PT Rio Tinto Indonesia under the British Rio Tinto Group.
Long before President Jokowi came to power, the issue of Freeport had long been a hot topic in the national political field. Finally, after a long negotiation, the signing to buy Freeport shares was conducted on Thursday, 12 July 2018. As for the effect, 51 percent of Freeport's shares would be owned by Indonesia.
"After 50 years of foreign ownership, Indonesia finally controlled 51 percent of Freeport's shares. Long negotiations for the children of the country," wrote the Jokowi-JK 4 Year Report.
President Jokowi and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani have confirmed that Freeport's annexation process is not short.
After the signing of the approval head or the Head of Agreement (HoA) in July, there are still stages that need to be passed. One of the stages is Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) or sales and purchase agreement.
As stated in the Jokowi-JK 4 Year Report, the signing of the SPA was carried out on September 27, 2018. The parties involved were PT Freeport-McRoran Inc and PT Rio Tinto Indonesia with PT Inalum (Persero) as the holding of the mining BUMN managing Freeport.
Furthermore, Minister Jonan has ascertained the issue of changes in share ownership has been completed and just waiting for money transfers to be completed before the end of 2018. And thanks to the purchase of Freeport shares, there are a number of positive impacts for Papua and Indonesia.
Among the positive impacts are the continuity of PTFI's operations that kept the Papuan economy active, increased state revenues, the establishment of smelters and increased use of the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) by Freeport, as well as the transfer of mine management.

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