Free West Papua : 19 Marijuana Packages Secured by 501 Kostrad Battalion in RI-PNG Border

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Satgas Pamtas Yonif The Raider (PR) 501 / Kostrad managed to secure 19 marijuana packages weighing 600 grams which were found in one of the vacant houses, in Mosso Village, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City, Papua which is directly adjacent to neighboring Papua New Guinea (PNG).
The finding began with reports from local residents saying that there were two PNG citizens who came and spent the night in Mosso Village, as information obtained from Danyon PR 501 / Kostrad, Lt. Col. Antoni Chandra.
Chandra continued, from the results of the report, members of Kostrad Battalion 501 conducted patrols around the village.
When the patrol team approached the empty house mentioned by the witness, it was seen that two PNG citizens were talking in suspicious gestures, so that the patrol team members came to them.
The two PNG residents immediately fled after being approached by members of the TNI who were on patrol. There was a chase, but they had crossed the Indonesian territory boundary towards PNG.
Inside the empty house members of TNI Battalion 501 Kostrad found a noken (traditional safety bag) containing 19 packages of marijuana ready to be distributed.
Currently, the evidence of 19 packages of cannabis ready to be circulated has been secured at Kotis Post, Task Force of Kostrad 501 Infantry Battalion in Skouw, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City, and subsequently submitted to Korem 172 / PWY as the operations executive (kolakops).
"The border area is now prone to various smuggling, especially marijuana, which was brought from PNG," Chandra said.

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