Free West Papua : The Role of the Violence of the Goliat Tabuni Armed Criminal Group in Puncak Jaya

Armed violence carried out by armed criminal groups (KKB) in Papua still continues to this day and not only the police / TNI security forces are victims, even the community is often a victim like people who have certain skills including teaching staff as well do not escape being a victim even though the teachers are the guide of the next generation who will be able to advance Papua.
The incident befell Akius Wonda (35 years), Elementary School Teacher Dondo Yamo District. Puncak Jaya suffered gunshot wounds to the spine, gunshot wounds to the right ankle and a spine fracture in October last year when he returned home after teaching at school.
It was never revealed in the mind of Akis Wonda that teaching, guiding children of the next generation of the nation was felt to disturb the Goliat Tabuni group, the day passed sincerely as an instructor in the interior that not all teaching staff were willing to be placed in the region.
This incident was repeated in the same month with the burning of Tingginambut District Office, Village Hall and PT Modern camp in Kampung Kolome as well as road blocking and bridge breaking that connected Kota Mulia and Ilu, in the Kolome District of Tingginambut District. Puncak Jaya again happened under the leadership of the group and the area of power of Goliat Tabuni who felt disturbed by the efforts to advance the Tingginambut district.
Not only burning, according to data from the local security forces, the Goliat Tabuni group also shot at Gurage District Tingginambut village against 5 units of cars belonging to PT. Modern Group, which was carrying logistics from Wamena to Mulia, which resulted in 5 civilian deaths.
Less than a week dark events passed, the Tabuni Goliat group set fire to six honai people in the Yukum Tingginambut village of Puncak Jaya Regency and carried out persecution of residents and rape in Birime village.
Two months after the burning, persecution and rape in Birime village, the Tabuni Goliat Group again burned two elementary schools (SD Inpres Wurudigime and SD Inpres Aulagme) in Illu District.
Both schools are schools that are the place where the generation of hope for Papua gain knowledge, the hope of children to get formal education in the Foreign District is gone, ironically.
The Tabuni Goliat group again carried out the persecution of civilians in Tingginambut District Kalome Village, Puncak Jaya Regency. This incident caused a resident named Sola to have a stab wound on the back of the neck / neck at a length of 9 cm with a depth of 2 cm.
The recent murder was an attack on two TNI members from the Prone Regional Security Task Force who were guarding the distribution of food for children in Tingginabut on Sunday, which on Sunday was a big day for Christians to worship. This shows that the brutal actions of KKB groups do not know the time and place
The two TNI members were shot and shot by an armed group headed by Goliat Tabuni in Tingginabut District when tasked with creating a sense of security to the people in the Papua region.
Land of Papua needs a sense of security to ensure smooth development. All elements of Indonesian society, especially the people in Papua must always be united in helping the development process in Papua. Ignore the interests of individuals and groups, who want to make a profit behind development backwardness, by disrupting the security situation in Papua which only results in losses and backwardness for the Papuan people.
The formation of issues and opinions of human rights violations has always been a mainstay weapon if the security apparatus begins to be serious, intensely implementing law enforcement in the Papua region. Sympathizers give statements with various excuses to cancel law enforcement.
Unity between Polri / TNI and the Papuan people is getting stronger. Maybe this is what causes the KKB to be frightened and try to divide the ties between Polri / TNI and the Papuan people by throwing misleading and vicious opinions through web sites hosted abroad, by providing HOAX information, cornering the police / TNI apparatus to the public through the media social, leaflets and speech from mouth mouth.
It is time for the security apparatus of the National Police / TNI and the components of the community to carry out a comprehensive law enforcement to resolve the armed criminal problem in Papua. There is no retreat for the security apparatus to enforce the law against armed criminal groups in Papua which if left unchecked will become more and more.
Worry arises when there is support from foreign parties who use armed criminal groups as a way to achieve certain goals. Let's take care and we build Papua.

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