Free West Papua : Perform Health Innovation, Bintuni Bay Promotes Indonesia in the World arena

Innovation in the field of malaria control carried out by the government, citizens and private parties of the Bintuni Bay Regency, West Papua Province through the Early Diagnosis and Treatment (EDAT) program met with an award from the United Nations (UN).

The EDAT program run in Bintuni won the United Nations Public Service Award in the Asia Pacific Region. The announcement of this achievement was known in the middle of this year at the UN forum held in Morocco.

The UN award received by Bintuni Bay was welcomed by all parties. The Indonesian Minister of Health Nila Moeloek also expressed his appreciation for the EDAT program that has been running from 2005.

"I think EDAT is right to get an award from the world because it involves the community to overcome health problems around it," said Nila at the Bintuni Bay Health Office, Papua.

The Regent of Teluk Bintuni, Loving Peter also revealed how proud he was to represent Indonesia to receive this international award.

"I am proud and touched when I receive this award. Because in addition to the name of the nation, we also save human souls from malaria," said Petrus on the same occasion.

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