Free West Papua : Papua Regional Police Invites IKKJ to Fight Hoaxes

Reporting from NokenLive, Papua Regional Police through Public Relations held a meeting with the Jayapura City Event Information Group (IKKJ) at the Ruko Pasifik Permai Dok 2 Jayapura Complex on Tuesday (9/18/2018) night.
The meeting itself was held to discuss the dissemination of information among the people of Jayapura City through Social Media, especially the IKKJ Group.
On that occasion Ipda Sosra from the Papua Regional Police Public Relations Bid conveyed, sometimes many people do not know how to distinguish which information is right or just a hoax.
"We also hope that IKKJ can socialize how to share the news well and correctly," said Ipda Sosra. Sosra Provides examples as in the case of an accident that resulted in bloodied victims.
 "This is to be adjusted to ethics, which should be blurred, or do not need to post the picture of the victim, whether the vehicle or road is the place of the accident," he said
Responding to this, Eka, one of the IKKJ officials who attended, asked the Papua Regional Police to socialize to the group Admin how to post good and true news and what things need to be considered in posting news.
"In terms of hoax reporting too, IKKJ can coordinate with the Papua Police Public Relations Bid, so that they can jointly maintain publicity in order not to be littered with hoax news," he said.
Meanwhile, quoted by Tribrata of the Papua Regional Police, Head of the Papua Regional Police Public Relations Kombes Pol A M Kamal said that there was a need to filter information spread on social media.
Regarding this, so that IKKJ can help control the news, both the contents of the news and the images or videos that are loaded, not to cause negative impacts on the community.
"Don't let a narrative contain words or sentences that can trigger conflict in the community. Likewise with pictures or videos, in order to pay attention to existing ethics, do not let sadistic images or those that violate ethics are consumed by the public, "concluded Commissioner Pol Kamal.
For this reason, the Head of Public Relations invited IKKJ to jointly build a society that is aware of information that is good and true and free from negative reporting or hoaxes that can cause discomfort in the community.

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