Free West Papua : The Ministry of Industry and Trade Will Pay Attention to Supporting Facilities in the Doyo Baru Market

Sentani-The Head of the Jayapura Regency Industry and Trade Agency (Disperindag), Yos Levi Yoku, said that his office would continue to monitor the trading activities at the Doyo Baru people's market in Waibhu District.

It is said, the problem of supporting facilities such as the market ring road and the availability of stalls and kiosks, will be coordinated with the market manager.

"We have taken the first step to control a number of markets or illegal trading places along the Sentani protocol road, with the hope that traders who previously sell at unofficial places can take advantage of the facilities provided by the local government in official markets," Yoku said, met in Sentani, Thursday (09/20/2018).

According to him, the Doyo Baru people's market can run well if managed and managed well and without any tendency from other parties, both in terms of trade and provision of supporting facilities.

"From its existence and the location of the people's market, it is enough to help people improve their economy," he said.

The Doyo Baru community market coordinator and management, Orthis Kreutha, stressed to traders who had kiosk keys to immediately open and activate the kiosk.

"In the current week until next month is the time we give to the kiosk owners to immediately reactivate the kiosk and occupy the available booth. If the message is not given, the kiosk and kiosk will be taken back with authority local government, "he said.

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