Free West Papua : Mamteng Regent Prioritizes four development areas

From Antaranews, Regent of Mamberamo Tengah (Mamteng) Ricky Ham Pagawak said that he would prioritize four development areas, namely health, education, infrastructure and economic empowerment as directed by Governor Lukas Enembe during the inauguration.
"The priority program that we will do as in Governor Lukas Enembe's speech is four priority points, namely health, education, infrastructure and people's economy," Pagawak said, accompanied by Deputy Regent Yonas Kenelak while in Jayapura City on Wednesday.
According to him, the four priority programs are not far from the vision and mission that has been carried out to build the Central Mamberamo District towards a just and prosperous society.
"It is the main task of the regents and deputy regents in Papua Province to implement it, this is emphasized by Governor Lukas Enembe," he said.
In addition, he said, along with Yonas Kenelak was committed to restoring and controlling the Central Mamberamo District, especially related to the burning incident of the KPU and Bawaslu offices in Kobakma, including other public facilities such as canteens that occurred during the last election.
"We have tarnished the hopes of the church and society with anarchism we are burning the Mamberamo Central KPU and Panwas office, burning all facilities such as the canteen that we have built with great difficulty. For that, I with the deputy regent have agreed to do recovery, here in a sense that all involved in burning to be processed legally, that is what we will do, "he said.
According to him, the formation of the Central Mamberamo Regency was a dream and a struggle carried out by the church and the community, so that the central government could grant it, but there were still people who did not understand it.
"This district was painstakingly built, through tears issued by church leaders, parents in Mamberamo Tengah fought for this district with their dreams, so that the children who lead this district can build well, hope is being and has been done," he said.
For this reason, Pagawak said in his nickname, the security forces must immediately act and process the law of the perpetrators of the Central KPU and Mamberamo Bawaslu offices so that they can have a deterrent effect on others so that they do not do anarchic things in the future.
"I advised the police chief, and Danton Brimob as the apparatus assigned by the state to guard and discipline the area. I ask respectfully after this goes up to Kobakma, I request evidence from the fathers to take legal action for those who have burned property. country, "he said.
Pagawak also said that he would rotate positions to officials in the Central Mamberamo neighborhood and ask all parties to succeed in the GIDI meeting in Bokondini, Tolikara Regency in November and the presidential and legislative elections in April 2019.
"I ask all parties to support the GIDI meeting, including in December there will be the inauguration of the Central D type hospital in Mamberamo. This includes the success of the presidential and legislative elections in April 2019," he said.
Regarding the handing over of the position held on Tuesday (25/9) night in Jayapura City, Pagawak expressed his gratitude to the Acting Regent Ricky Douglas Ambrauw who had led the Middle Mamberamo for eight months to successfully hold elections, government and maintain public order.
"I also express my gratitude to the elder brother Ricky Ambrauw who has been leading the Mamberamo Tengah for eight months, and can work well," he said.

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