Free West Papua : Indonesian flag 1,500 meters won the MURI record

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The spread of the 1,500-meter-long Indonesian flag involved 1,000 students, youth organizations, TNI / POLRI, and local residents from the zero point in Skouw-Wutung, in Muara Tami District, Jayapura, Papua, on Monday, achieving a MURI record.
The Indonesian flag was part of the One Nation Kirab from the Ansor Youth Movement (GP) starting at 16.30 WIT until 18:00 WIT, by means of the Red and White flag stretching from the zero point of the boundary then raised above the head by 1,000 students, mass organizations, and citizens and the TNI / POLRI.
"This is the first record of the flag's dissemination on the RI-PNG border, this is part of the Ansor and Banser State Affairs Office, because we have one land, we drink in the same water, rest on the same land, Indonesian water and air, "said Senior Manager of the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI), Yusuf Ngadri, accompanied by the Chairman of the GP Ansor Papua Region, Amir M Madubun.
The reason for the award, said Ngadri, was that MURI set those records with several categories, including the first, superlative, unique or rare.
"This time the MURI gives to the superlative category or the longest red and white cloth that is carried out on the RI-PNG border, along 1,500 meters," he said.
Madubun said the activity wanted to show all parties, Papuans were also part of Indonesia. "So, the spread of this flag is part of Kirab Satu Negeri, wants to show that Papua is Indonesia, and also wants to reject groups that want to divide the nation," he said.
Separately, the Papua Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Martuani Sormin, who was present and witnessed the event said that GP Ansor and Banser wanted to instill an attitude of national love for the country.
He hopes that these activities can be embedded in the minds and hearts of today's youth that Indonesia is a large, diverse nation as the contents of the Youth Pledge October 28.

Source : Antaranews

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