Free West Papua : For the sake of NKRI, the TNI will uphold the law in Papua

The growing number of attacks and fires in Papua, carried out by the Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB) and geographical conditions of Papua surrounded by mountains and forests and bordering PNG countries. Special efforts should be taken in the form of task force of law enforcement (Satgasgakkum) TNI-Polri,
It was delivered by Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel Inf M Aidi, Tuesday (18/9/2018) through the press release received by
He said looking at the situation of operations in the implementation of task force task force (Satgasgakkum) as well as analysis and concept that will be done by Satgasgakkum, it needs special efforts with careful calculation.
However, territorial approaches to community development and social approaches have been put in place, while arms contact is the final choice.
As previously reported, in Papua, especially in mountainous areas, there has been an illegal act or act committed by a group of illegally-held guns known as the Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB). They have carried out a massacre of civilians, state civil servants (ASNs), as well as TNI / Police security forces. No matter how young children are being targeted their brutality Even they have fired civilian aircraft that are vital and vital transportation to meet the needs of the rural Papuans. Including hostage against thousands of civilians in tembagapura and burning social facilities such as hospitals, school buildings, dozens of resident houses and rape the education workers in the Arowanop hinterland. Meyerang and massacre street workers who are in charge of opening the isolation of the interior of Papua so that the well-being of the people can be evenly distributed.
That is why the TNI / Polri Satgasgakkum continues to pursue the KKSB group in which they are located in the area of Mulya, Illaga, Tiom, Nduga, Tembagapura and others. This is to uphold the legal authority and certainty in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Not only do it in Lanyjaya, in Puncak jaya or in Papua but it applies everywhere in all jurisdictions of Republic of Indonesia. Aidi asserted when asked about the law enforcement action taken by TNI / Polri officers in Lanijaya Papua.
In response to the statement of the religious figures on behalf of the Church that TNI / POLRI stop the pursuit of the Lanyjaya Region and urged the government to immediately withdraw all TNI / Polri personnel in the mountainous region of Papua, Aidi reiterated that: This is the sovereign territory of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. TNI / POLRI is a State Apparatus officer in charge of safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of the State. There is no area or place in all areas of NKRI Sovereignty that can not be accessed and occupied by TNI / Polri security forces.
Hence the State may place TNI / Police officers anywhere in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. The United States alone placing his Marines in Darwin Australia is clearly not a country where he is not protested, whereas the TNI / Polri is in charge of his own territory of the United States why must be frustrated? This is also in order to carry out the mandate of TNI Law. 34 on TNI's Main Duties, Support to Local Government and Police, Separating Offense and others.
They have illegally illegally arrested weapons, protesting against the sovereignty of the State, of course, not to be justified in any legal point of view. It is precisely that the security forces do not enforce law enforcement, and it is worth noting because they have done a broadcaster, Aidi added.
When asked about the progress made by law enforcement by TNI / POLRI? Aidi replied, Obviously, the result was quite significant and they were now more desperate and some of its Headquarters were captured and occupied by TNI / Polri troops in Yambi Mulia, which was formerly dominated by Lekagak Talenggeng, in the Lannyjaya Tioman area and some areas that have been used as headquarters by KKSB.
The struggle for the red area or black territory which has been under the control of KKSB and is declared as a territory outside the Republic of Indonesia is an abuse of the NKRI sovereignty. It is also alleged that the imposition of a will under the threat of weapons against the village head to the head of the region may be deviant towards the use of village funds whose main purpose is for the welfare of the people under the pretext that every Papuans must support the struggle of Free Papua.
That is why they are trying to use their sympathizers to curl the TNI / Police to stop their operations in the mountains. They use the KNPB, NGOs, Human Rights Watch, including the pastors who are opposed to the Republic of Indonesia, legalizing all means to provoke and incite the people by using the Religion of Religion. It does not support Nationalism as well as the unity and unity of the Nation. As if everything done by TNI / POLRI was never true. But illegally lifting weapons, massacres against civilians, Asn and their security forces are not a problem.
Aidi said that later areas that have just been captured and occupied by the TNI / Polri which have been called as red areas because they are mastered and used as headquarters by KKSB will be placed security posts and implemented territorial development by involving local government elements in order to keep the economy wheel and social life of the community is running normally. Especially for children's education. We can imagine for years and even decades in the middle of the middle mountains of Papua, especially in areas controlled by the KKSB of the generations of the Nation that they have no education, meaning they have no future and their abnormal social life is enumerated by primitism because of isolation from the world outside. This is what should be our common concern by all components of the Nation.
For the realization later in the vacant space and yet to be able to reach the local government, then as the leading Army of the TNI is always ready to provide assistance especially in the education sector, the TNI is ready to be a teacher in the interior, as well as the health sector, agricultural assistance and others . Therefore there will be additional TNI Post, Addition and Posramil to Koramil or to Kodim level. The point is all for the well-being of the people and the equal distribution of development throughout the territory of the United Nations especially in the interior especially in Papua.

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