Free West Papua : AGW Papua Ready to Bring The Change for Youth in Papua

Reporting from Pasificpos, Nationalist Youth Leader Albertho G Wanimbo (AGW) will be nominated as Chairperson of the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) of the Papua Province in 2018-2021, carried by nine Youth Society Organizations (OKP) who are members of the Nusantara Youth Coalition ( KPN).
The nine OKPs included the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement (PMII), the Indonesian Catholic Student Association (PMKRI), the Indonesian Youth Movement (Gemindo), the national anti-drug care movement (Gepenta), the Indonesian Church Youth Association (PPGI), the Young Brotherhood of Vihara Buddhaya Indonesia (PMVBI), IKAMI Sulsel, Laskar Muda Hanura (Lasmura) and the Alliance of Youth and students and the people (Ampera).
Chairman of the KPN Coalition team, Otniel Deda said, the AGW nomination carried the motto "We are One and We Are the Same" as a sign that there is no distinction between ethnicity, race and religion. His party has also prepared all the requirements for nominating AGW as Chairman of the Papua DPD KNPI.
"I am the chairman of the coalition team in the context of AGW nomination. For that we are a coalition that is incorporated from the city district OKP today. We have fulfilled the requirements referring to the ADRT. Regarding the purpose of stating the attitude to progress in the nomination part of our seriousness," he told reporters. I held a press statement at the Mutiara Hotel, Thursday (27/9).
He said, KPN is a forum to gather from all ethnic groups and religious backgrounds, parties and also truly as a strategic forum in which there can be no interest from certain dominant groups.
"This is not a container that is used for other purposes, because this is purely as a service. He (AGW) is a nationalist figure who is able to unite youth groups in Papua and who can lead to the advancement of youth. And we will go along with government programs that are pro towards the community, "he explained.
Meanwhile, the candidate for the chairman of the Papua Province KNPI DPD, Albertho G Wanimbo revealed, the stage of his candidacy had entered the process of returning the form, and he was optimistic that he could contribute and change also continue the march of the KNPI in various sectors.
"We think that this container is very strategic. Therefore we do not see and discriminate, because we are true Indonesianists and stand as youth cadres. In the future we have a vision of a unified mission for the advancement of youth," he concluded.

Source: Pasificpos

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