Free West Papua : Wiranto asks people not to worry about the threat of separatism in Papua

Reported from - Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security (Menkopolhukam) Wiranto asked the public not to worry about the threat of separatist movements in Indonesia, especially Papua.
It was responding to the circulation of a letter of invitation to the declaration of the Provisional Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua some time ago. "Yes, an old song, can make a letter. It's always been like that for a long time. We don't need to worry, we don't worry," Wiranto said at Kemenkopolhukam, Thursday (08/02/2018) afternoon.
Wiranto assessed that the apparatus and the community could basically fight separatist movements. According to him, the Indonesian people, especially Papua, have not been easily influenced by such invitations. "Just fight, it's not so easy they then influence others like that," he said. Wiranto also hopes that the public does not need to give excessive attention to these actions. Because, if the opposite is true, the separatist group gets ample space to achieve its objectives.
"The letter usually happens like that, but we know it is part of a separatist movement, the numbers are small, but in such a way, it wants to get the world's attention," he said. "But we are clear that having a principle has a standing position that cannot be contested by a group of movements," he continued.
The government, said Wiranto, already has various strategies to deal with actions like this. He guarantees the government will not allow a separatist movement to develop in Indonesia. The government will take firm action against those who try to cause disintegration. "We cannot leave it, a sovereign country like Indonesia has a sign, there is a law. Then it is as if singled out as if there is a country in the country that is not allowed. We will act firmly," he said.
The police of Papua Regional Police were foiled to disband the declaration of the Provisional Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua in Abepura, Papua. According to Police Public Relations Division Head Insp. Gen. Setyo, Polri has pocketed information related to the declaration plan before disbanding it. "We got the information first, we went immediately, then the banners were confiscated," Setyo said after reviewing the readiness of Asian Center Media Center with Inasgoc at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on Wednesday (1/8/2018).
However, the Police did not arrest the people suspected of being involved in the declaration plan. According to Setyo, the police only secure the banners and billboards of the event because they tend to provoke the community. Setyo asserted, the security situation in Abepura is already conducive. The masses who were present in the declaration did not resist and immediately disbanded. Photos of a number of people holding banners that said Provisional Government of the Federal Republic of the West had circulated in social media.
In addition, a photo letter with letter of Provisional Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua also circulated in social media. The letter included an invitation to attend the interim government declaration. The letter contained invitations to all leaders, communities, students of West Papua to attend the event. The event was held on Tuesday (31/7/2018) at the Uncen Lama page next to the Abepura Auditorium.

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