Free West Papua : Until 2019, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will list 2,500 villages in Indonesia

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) plans to drain at least 2,500 villages throughout Indonesia by the end of 2019. To achieve this target, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources works with PLN.

Expert Minister of Acceleration of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Infrastructure Development Simon F Sembiring explained, in this program, a total of 1,270 villages would be carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, while the remaining 420 villages would be carried out by PLN. According to him, if in 2019 this project is completed, then the target of the national electricity ratio of 99 percent will be achieved.

"If the electrification program for the village has not been electrified from 2,500 villages, PLN and ESDM will work on it. For ESDM 1,270 villages this year, while PLN is 420 villages. If that is achieved we have achieved an electrification ratio of 99 percent nationally," said in Puldama District, Yahukimo Regency , Papua, Sunday (08/13/2018). He explained the workmanship, to pursue these targets, the government continued to process various programs, one of which was through the provision of Energy-Saving Surye Lights (LTSHE) for areas that were in the Frontier, Outermost, Disadvantaged, and Transmigration Region (4T) categories.

At least 400,000 LTSHE will be distributed throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, Papua has the largest number of areas that are the target of the LTSHE program. "Incidentally, LTSHE has the most in Papua. There are 51 districts in Yahukimo itself, for this time, 1085 packages (LTSHE) are only for 1 district," he said. With the existence of this LTSHE, residents are given guarantees for the lamp for 3 years. After that, PLN will be directly involved in electrifying these 4T areas. "In the past 3 years, the public has been guaranteed the lights will continue. 

Well, in the fourth year, PLN must enter here," Simon explained.
For information, as of June 2018, the national electrification ratio had reached 97.12 percent with details of 95.7 percent coming from PLN customers, and 2.8 percent came from Non-PLN, private electricity procurement services, and local governments with LTSHE contribution of 0.12 percent. Meanwhile, the right ratio of national electricity is 97.99 percent. For details, 85.43 percent of electricity was connected by PLN, 11.73 percent by non-PLN, and another 0.18 percent came from LTSHE.

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