Free West Papua : There Is "Proud To Brew Wamena Coffee" On The Eve Of The State Reception

The Jayawijaya District Government plans to carry out an activity entitled "proudly brewing Wamena coffee" together on the eve of the state reception on 17 August 2018.

Jayawijaya Regional Secretary, Yohanes Walilo, revealed that the initial plan for this activity was initiated by the national coffee council on August 18, 2018.

However, the regional government proposed to take place on the eve of the state reception after the implementation of the flag reduction, which was attended by the chairman of the Indonesian Coffee Council, Anton Apriantono who was also a former minister of agriculture.

"This is at the same time to introduce Jayawijaya Coffee which is well known in all places," Walilo told reporters, recently.

In addition, he said, there would also be an appreciation for existing and current coffee farmers by consistently managing coffee.

"This is part of us introducing Jayawijaya Coffee after the coffee exhibition in Jayapura, in Papua there are several districts in Papua which are included in the best coffee including Baliem Arabica coffee," he said.

The Head of the Agriculture Service of Jayawijaya, J. Hendri Tetelepta said, this plan would later involve a number of caf├ęs in Wamena which had been selling Jayawijaya coffee.

"The initial plan of this activity was made separately by the national coffee council, but the Regional Secretary's advice was carried out in conjunction with the state reception," he said.

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