Free West Papua : Support the OAP Economy, Bank Papua Donates Three Coconut Cottage Units on Skyline

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Reported from Kabarpapua, to improve the welfare of the people of Jayapura City, especially for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), now the Regional Development Bank (BPD) of Papua (Bank Papua) through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is building three units of coconut huts in Skayline.
Head of the Bank Papua Economic Development Division, Kusyanto revealed, the construction of three coconut hut units that were donated to businesses had already been running, and had prepared the construction of the hut.
"Our target, this August is over. We have coordinated with the Regional Government (Pemda) of Jayapura City, if there is no obstacle this August it is ready to be inaugurated, "Kusyanto explained to recently.
According to Kusyanto, the funds spent for this program amounted to Rp.261,000,000 with the hope that the three coconut hut units could increase the sales capacity of MSME entrepreneurs, especially for indigenous Papuans (OAP) who had been selling at Skayline.
It did not stop there, said Kusyanto, through the help of business facilities and infrastructure, one of which was a place of business and financing, after the distribution of the cottage was officially opened.
"We will also train MSMEs by cooperating with related agencies in the Jayapura City Government. We will train OAP-specific MSME actors in presenting simple Papuan coffee, or with traditional equipment," he said.
Kusyanto admitted that in the future the businessmen could sell at night and for electricity itself the Bank Papua and the Jayapura City Government were currently coordinating with the PLN.
"If you are able to sell until evening, there will be a plus for them. For the location itself, it no longer looks dirty and free from crime, but it becomes a good tourist destination, "he added.
In addition, said Kusyanto, in the same month Bank Papua will also conduct training to increase the capacity of seaweed farmers in three districts, namely Fakfak, Yapen, and Biak Numfor by collaborating with Kalimajari Foundation.
"This Kalimajari is a program from the Australian embassy, specifically to foster OAP. So we made training and they will later accompany the farmers to increase capacity and so on, "he concluded.

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