Free West Papua : Police Dissolve the Event of the West Papua State Declaration

Reported from CNN Indonesia - Police disbanded the announcement of the Provisional Government of West Papua Federal Government (NRFB) which was planned to be held at Cendrawasih University yard, Jayapura, Papua on Tuesday (31/7) at 11.00 WIT.
In addition, the police also confiscated a number of banners that were to be unfurled at the event.
"I have been able to report from Papua, it was visited by the officers, then the banners confiscated, they dispersed, so there is no problem," said Chief of Public Relations Division (Inspector General) Inspector General Setyo Wasisto in Jakarta.
The two-star general explained that the dissolution was carried out without resistance from the event organizer. According to him, the situation in Abepura, Papua has also been conducive at this time.
Setyo added, no party is secured in the dissolution of this event.
"Information from [Papua] [Police] is not [secured] because yesterday we have taken billboards, they broke up, they have not done anything yet, we have got more info first," he said.
Previously, the Provisional Government of NRFB was rumored to be holding a declaration event at the Cendrawasih University, Jayapura, Papua on Tuesday (31/7) at 11.00 WIT.
In an invitation signed by Prime Minister NRFB Yoab Syatfie it is mentioned that all West Papuans are invited to attend and witness this important and historic event.
"We invite leaders and people of West Papua, students, servants of God to attend and witness this important and historical moment," read the invitation quoted by
The plan for organizing this event was justified by sources on the internal police who knew about it. However, according to him, no people attended the event until the afternoon. "Until late afternoon no one arrived," said the source.

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