Free West Papua : Police Disband West Papua Separatist Group Meeting

Reported from Detik,  Police dissolved the activities of a separatist group calling itself the Provisional Government of the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB). The banners at the location of the activities were confiscated.
"I've got a report from the Papua Police, it has been visited by the officers, then the banners confiscated," said Police Public Relations Inspector General Setyo Wasisto in Senayan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (1/8/2018).
"(Banners) that it has provoked the community," he continued.
Setyo said the sympathizers of this group dispersed after being visited by police. The situation in Abepura, Papua, is currently conducive.
"They are dispersed, so there is no problem," Setyo said.
Setyo said there was no resistance from the group when the police disbanded. The police are aware of the initiator of the activity.
"There is no (resistance). (Who initiate activities) we already know," he said.
"Information from the Papua (Police) is not there (secured) because yesterday we have taken billboards, directly disbanded, they have not been activated, we already have more info first," he added.
Previously, there was a letter of invitation for a meeting in West Papua. Maker of the letter on behalf of himself the Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of the State of the Federal Republic of West Papua Yoab Syatfie.
In the letter, written an invitation to attend the announcement of the interim government of the Federal Republic of West Papua. It was written to the leaders of the NRFPB and the people of West Papua, as well as important.
The activity in the letter was mentioned on Tuesday (31/7) at 11.00 WIT to finish in the yard of Uncen Lama, beside the Abepura auditorium.

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