Free West Papua : PLN is building gas plants in several cities in Papua

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Reported from Antaranews,  PT PLN (Persero) in the Papua and West Papua Region (PWP2B) will build another gas engine power plant (PLTMG) with a scale of 10-50 MW in several cities in Papua.
PWP2B Communication Analyst Assistant Septian Pujianto when contacted from Timika, Papua, said on Wednesday several projects that were being worked on were Merauke PLTMG and Biak PLTMG with a capacity of 10 MW each.
Meanwhile, the Timika MHP PLTMG project with a capacity of 50 MW has not yet begun to work because it is waiting for the completion of the forest area loan use permit from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
"At present, there are two PLTMGs operating, namely Nabire with a capacity of 20 MW and Jayapura 50 MW. Then, in the near future it will operate again the Sorong PLTMG with a capacity of 50 MW," Septian explained.
The construction of the PLTMG in Papua and West Papua, he said, also supported the holding of the 20th PON sports party in 2020 which was held in Papua.
A number of major cities in Papua and West Papua such as Jayapura, Timika, Manokwari, Biak, Merauke, and Sorong are now preparing to become the city that organizes national sporting events every four years.
"We ensure the PON 2020 venues are safe from the electrical side," said Septian.
PWP2B also calls on investors who want to open a business in Papua so they no longer think about the availability of electricity, because currently PLN Papua and West Papua have a surplus of power.
"Power outages occur due to natural disruptions or because machines have to be maintained because almost all rely on diesel generators. That is what often happens in Papua and West Papua. So, not because of deficits. We assure all people that in Papua and West Papua today surplus power, "Septian said.

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