Free West Papua : Oyster Mushroom Cultivation, Klasmelek Village Is Now Able to Economicly

Sorong - Klasmelek Village in Sorong Regency, West Papua is one of the villages that is capable of being economically independent thanks to the empowerment of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes). The result is that the residents of Klasmelek in the past year have been able to cultivate oyster mushrooms. 

To produce oyster mushrooms, no large area is needed. Even the results can be harvested in a matter of weeks. The initial capital of Klasmelek Village residents to start oyster mushroom cultivation is only Rp. 5 million. As a result, the people's income has increased. Oyster mushroom business is now part of BUMDes. BUMDes Klasmelek also mobilized the Farmers Group Association (Gapoktan). They sell various agricultural equipment and materials for residents.

With Gapoktan, now 90 percent of the people who work as farmers can buy fertilizers to agricultural medicines at affordable prices. This year Klasmelek village received village funds amounting to Rp. 675 million. Most of the funds are allocated to build village road infrastructure that is carried out by residents independently. "We are happy citizens. The benefits are many. Now we can enter the car, we used to carry it," said Nataniel Saa, one of the residents. Village fund management is also carried out transparently by the village apparatus, and can be monitored directly by residents.

"The response of the community is very good, because the management of village funds is very transparent with the community, not secretly. But it is open to the public figures," said Sukarto, Klasmelek Village Chief, Sorong Regency. The government did not remain silent. They consistently monitored the management of village funds, so that residents of Klasmelek Village, Mayamuk District could independently improve their standard of living. "In Papua, most of the village funds are still used for infrastructure. Indeed, infrastructure facilities are still lacking. 

But if in areas close to cities, such as Jayapura and Sorong regencies, the infrastructure is sufficient. I recommend starting economic development," explained Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration.

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