Free West Papua : Officially Opened, Excitement and Pride combine at the for My Country Skouw Crossborder Festival 2018

Man with guitar.
Reported from,  The Skouw Crossborder Festival 2018 really seeks attention on the borders of Papua and Papua New Guinea (PNG). The event, which was supported by the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar), made the border which was once famous for its haunted and unattractive areas, now a very beautiful destination to visit.
The festival was held from 7 August to 9 August at the Skouw State Border Crossing (PLBN) in Jayapura, Papua.
"Here we finally witness ourselves, pride and excitement converge on the border. Thanks to all those who have supported, this event proves that the border has now become one of the tourist destinations at the end of Indonesia," said Assistant Deputy Marketing I Regional III Ministry of Tourism Ricky Fauzi when giving a speech on the main stage.
The Festival's main stage stands majestically right near the border. In addition to music performances by displaying various well-known bands in Papua and Papua New Guinea, Kemenpar also uses smart methods by placing a very nice Bazarr set on the front of the border right in front of the stage. Bazzar booths are arranged neatly towards the entrance to Indonesia.
In the opening ceremony also attended Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano, and also Consul General of Papua New Guinea Abraham Franky Izzak. Also present were local TNI leaders and local police. Ricky further said that the Skouw National Budget, Jayapura, Papua has become a tourism destination for Papuan people even from neighboring countries on weekends. With beautiful hill views, exotic border buildings, making the PLBN office a very instagramable selfie event.
"Every weekend this is a visit for domestic tourists and foreign tourists, not just photos but shopping, this is an activity we need to develop, all parties must continue to be able to maintain attractions, amenities and access so that border tourism will still have a good impact on society. This is our sense of pride. appeared at the border. It was extraordinary, "said Ricky.
With public interest in this border post, the government will not only develop the economy in the border region, but also maximize tourism potential.
Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano added that the tense nuance that had existed at the Indonesian border post with PNG was now gone.
"Thanks to President Joko Widodo who has raised the border self-esteem. We are very proud of the border now. Thanks also to Kemenpar who are always present at our events. Currently PBLN has become a border economic area, this is an area that was initially gripping 1 -2 years ago, but now the weekend people have flocked to many who ask about our borders, so this is very much a commitment to border development. Thank you again, Mr. President, "the Mayor said.
The Head of PLBN Skouw Yan Numberi also said that every day passing around 600 to 1000 people passed. However, with the event initiated by Kemenpar, it will increase. "Moreover, the smartness of Kemenpar is that this activity is carried out simultaneously with the market day. The duration is also very appropriate for three days and combined with bazarr. I am sure tourists will be many on the third day," said Yan Numberi.
As is known, the government has restored a number of PLBN that are Indonesia's outermost faces. One that has been finalized and officially operating is the Skouw National Budget in Jayapura, Papua. The Skouw National Budget is currently being worked on in phase II development projects. This advanced project is the development of sub-core and supporting zones.
Construction of sub-core zones and supporters of the Skouw National Budget contains a variety of facilities and infrastructure. Among them are official houses of employees, churches, mosques, parking vehicles, rest areas, military and police posts.
In addition there are also economic support facilities such as the border market, food court, Indonesian guesthouse, multipurpose building and vehicle parking. Everything is built on an area of 12.2 hectares and a building area of 9,921 m2. "Congratulations on holding a festival, welcoming tourists well. Keep the border clean by not throwing trash in its place. Make attractions that make tourists want to return to our homeland. Thank you to all those who support our event," Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said.

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