Free West Papua : Keerom 2018 Culture Festival, show different art attractions from the previous year

Reported from Jubi - The fifth Keerom Cultural Festival will take place over three days, starting from 2 to 4 August 2018. Keerom County Tourism Office chief Jaswadi said the event will take place at the Swakarsa village of Asyaman village, Arso district, Keerom district.
"We will open the fifth keerom cultural festival, and will take place from 2-4 August from 8.00-21.00 at night," Jaswadi said when met by Jubi on Wednesday (08/01/2018) at the Swakarsa Football field
Activities organized by the Keerom County Tourism Office will feature a number of original Papuan dances and cultures as well as Indonesian culture.
"The number of dances displayed by the indigenous culture of Keerom is nine, then there is Papua New Guinea and there are also cultures from the archipelago from Java, Sulawesi, Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara," he said.
Jaswadi guarantees, the implementation of this year's festival will be far different from the previous four years because there are several distinctive icons that will be displayed, namely the indigenous cultural festival of the Keerom community or local, archipelago culture from outside Papua, from neighboring Papua New Guinea (PNG) and competitions art between schools and exhibitions and culinary.
According to him the most rare and will be displayed is a god dance from Waris district, which has not been done in previous years.
"I can't explain now because it's religious value. We'll just watch tomorrow. In addition to gods dance there is absakro, permaken, mekuek, and there are many more, "he said answering Jubi's question.
Not only art attractions, in the festival will also involve the actors of the community-based creative economy.
"We also enliven the creative economy such as leather craft, dragon fruit, all kinds of culinary and noken," he continued.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Keerom Cultural Festival committee, Sergius Fatem said that many invited guests would attend this event, including from the Ministry, domestic and foreign tourists, as well as the provincial government and local communities in Keerom.
According to him, the exhibition was held so that other people could find out the customs and culture in the area that had the motto: Tamne Yisan Kefase (Unite agreed to build).

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