Free West Papua : Danlanud Silas Papare Urges the Unit of Aerospace Scout Works to take care of the Nature of Papua

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Reported from official website of TNI AU,  Commander of Air Platform (Danlanud) Silas Papare, Masma TNI Ir. Tri Bowo B.S, M.M., M. Tr. (Han), invites 35 people Scout Work Unit (Saka) Dirgantara Silas Papare Air Base and 25 members of Lanud, carrying out a visit to Doyo Waterfall in Bambar Village, Sentani District, Jayapura Regency which is not far from Mako Lanud, only 5 km away, Sunday (05 / 8).
The objective is to carry out activities that are simple and very beneficial for the environment, where Saka Dirgantara scouts can understand or know the ways to conserve nature to be maintained, clean, beautiful and comfortable, it takes follow-up to preserve it by cleaning garbage around the location of the waterfall.
Danlanud said, let's explore while enjoying the natural tourism that God has given to the land of Papua that we must preserve. If the earth is maintained and sustainable, we will be comfortable and peaceful inside it.
If we as humans have been taught and applied how to clean or do cleaning, surely later adults you will also clean up, because cleaning up has so many benefits that you cannot see one eye. Said Major Tech Triyadi as coach of the Saka Dirgantara Silas Papare Air Scout scout as well as a companion of the Saka Dirgantara scout in the implementation of the activity.

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