Free West Papua : Celebrate The Republic of Indonesia Anniversary, 70 food packages were distributed to residents

Reported from Kabarpapua, in commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, TNI-Polri and the Provincial Government of Papua gave 70 bags of basic necessities to the residents of Tobati Village.
"Tobati village and several villages around this area have contributed greatly to the city of Jayapura and have made the city a tourism," said Deputy Coordinator of the Social Service Section, Major Inf. Cristian Ireeuw, Thursday, August 9 2018.
Cristian also said, this food package contains rice, noodles, milk and other food according to the plan that was delivered by the Head of the Papua Provincial Office Ribka Haluk, to be distributed to the underprivileged.
"Tomorrow we will do the bridge there to the place of the Papuan hero, one of them to Mrs. Grace Papare in Waena, and at the same time providing food. This is a series of the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day social service section, "he explained.

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